The main objective of this collaboration is to look for work alternatives that allow the coexistence between the cattle activity and the conservation of the puma populations in the Cerro Guido Ranch. For this, it consists of two interactive principles: first, protect the pumas in the ranch by seeking solutions that mitigate the conflict with livestock, due to the attack suffered by the sheep; and second, to better understand the abundance and behavior of the cougar and its prey.

This pilot study is the first of its kind in Patagonia, which could turn the estancia into an example of coexistence between livestock farming and the conservation of pumas.

What is

Panthera is the only organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species and their ecosystems.

Their mission is to ensure a future for wild cats and the vast landscapes on which they depend.



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1. Implement the use of protective dogs to prevent and mitigate livestock depredations at the Cerro Guido Ranch.

2. Measure the functional effectiveness of the use of protective dogs using a gold standard experiment with random assignment 
for treatment and control, as free of bias as possible under field conditions.

3. Know the effect of this non-lethal livestock protection measure on local puma populations.

4. Determine the density of pumas and their prey both inside and outside the Torres del Paine National Park, through the use of camera traps.

Work methodology:

a) Randomized control trial to evaluate the functional effectiveness of protective livestock dogs.

b) Measurement of predation events

c) Measuring the behavior of pumas and guard dogs

d) Density of pumas and prey through a non-invasive method (eg: camera traps)

This project will help conserve wild carnivores (pumas and others), while supporting livestock producers in avoiding the predation of domestic livestock by carnivores, strengthening the capacities and knowledge of public services in charge of protecting animals, carnivores, cattle and people. We will draw on past experiences while working closely with different stakeholders to gain knowledge and understanding of conflicts with carnivores.