Historically there has been a conflict between wildlife and livestock. On the one hand, people who have been dedicated to sheep farming, the most important productive activity in the area for more than a century, have seen the puma and other species that prey on livestock as an enemy, suffering the constant loss of cattle. And on the other hand, wildlife, especially the puma, has been relentlessly hunted. We want to show that it is possible to live in harmony, making changes, with a respectful look on both sides.

Making changes in the way of doing sheep farming; protecting livestock with different methods, such as protective dogs, who have already shown excellent results. We are also working on testing different methods that can protect livestock and at the same time coexist without altering the natural cycles of the species that inhabit this place.

In turn, the development of tourism in Estancia Cerro Guido generates great interest in natural beauty and wildlife, which makes it a tremendously powerful tool to sustain conservation and also show the world Patagonia's natural resources and cultural heritage, so attractive and transcendent.

Through the study and knowledge of the species, we will achieve a better coexistence. It is by key concepts such as coexistence, sustainability, bonding, nature, culture, collaboration, that we want to be defined.



Contribute to the conservation and protection of Cerro Guido's wildlife.


Contribute to the coexistence between  livestock and wildlife.



Carry out sustainable tourism in harmony with livestock, wildlife and communities.


Promote harmonious coexistence between ranching communities and wildlife.

In the following video, you can see a summary of what the first year of the project in the field was like... we recommend that you watch it with high volume and in full screen!