Located almost at the end of the American continent, with rugged landscapes and a hostile climate, Patagonia has become a symbol of the inhospitable and desolate. However, its vast prairies, forests and mountains hide rich biodiversity that has managed to settle and live a life on the edge, occupying almost every corner.

Cerro Guido houses a sample of this rich biodiversity. Birds of prey, among which the condor, the kestrel and the tucúquere standout, as well as the three species of felines present in Patagonia: the Colocolo cat, Geoffroy's cat and the Puma roam the various environments that we can find in the ranch. Along with them, armadillos, guanacos, caiquenes, skunks, woodpeckers and wetland birds have also made Guido their home.

By conserving and protecting its ecosystems, the ranch is helping to maintain its balance and the biodiversity that accompanies it.

"Nature must be experienced through feeling."

- Humboldt

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The puma is the largest feline that we can find in Chile, and after the jaguar, it is the second largest in America. Its extensive distribution, which spans a total of 28 countries, from the cold forests of northern Canada to the extensive prairies of Patagonia, in the Strait of Magellan, make it the most widely distributed land mammal in the world.